Our Product

We has provided numerous ranges of pumps and lifters. Our experienced team have been helping customers choose the best equipment and solutions for their specific needs.

  • Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Peristaltic Hose Pump
  • AODD Pump
  • Liquid Ring
  • Stainless lobe pump
  • Oil rotary vane
  • Stainless centrifugal pump
  • Lifting trolley
  • Mobile jibcrane
  • Process centrifugal pump

Our Service

For all products supplied by ETA you receive inspection, servicing, testing and maintenance directly from us. You have a contact person and can be sure that all service and maintenance services are professionally conducted.

Technical Consult

Are you looking for the expertise to consult about pumps or lifter?


Do you want to improve the performance of your pumps or lifter?

Service Contract

Are you looking for the experienced team to maintain your pumps or lifter?

We Offer Professional Consultation For Free

About Our Company

ETA Corporation is ready to offer to all the customers reliable and quickest after-sale service, as well as specific solutions for solving any technical issue, keeping always into consideration that price is one of the main requisitions of careful customers.

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Company History

Following the experience gained over 15 years, we are now able to give you consulting for the highest quality products at competitive prices which increasing day by day the trust of new clients.

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How We Work

Following the wide range of products, we can suggest you in very deep advantage and drawback technical in each of types. We guarantee that you will receive an optimize and reliable selection from us.

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