A functional lightweight lifter

Mechline Pro is an easily manoeuvered pneumatic wire balancer for loads up 50 kg. The Mechline lifting wire is extremely durable and can be used for up to 300,000 work cycles. With a frequent use of 200 operating cycles per day, this gives a life span of 1500 working days – that is over five years!

Typical applications for Mechline Pro is lifting work at assembly stations within the manufacturing and the automotive industry, as well as material handling at transport and conveyor lines.

Technical Specification

Max capacity 50 kg
Lifting speed 0-40 m/min
Stroke SL 800 / 1200 / 500-2000 mm
Build height BH 1500 mm (300-2000 mm option)
Rotation 0-360 °
Dead weight < 15 kg
Medium Compressed air, non-lubricated; 0,3 μm
Working pressure 5-6 bar
Air consumption 7,8 ln/mSL
Working temperature 5-40 °C
Noise level < 70 dB (A)

A functional lightweight lifter

Mechlight Pro is an ergonomic and functional lightweight lifter for loads up to 50 kg. The lifter allows free rotation around its lift axle = a great advantage for assembly work where else hoses and accessories may risk being damaged!

Mechlight Pro is advantageously installed in a rail system or onto a pillar or wall mounted jib crane. At the tool adapter, a pneumatic gripper tool and its control units can be easily integrated. Even a simple mechanical tool provides an easy and ergonomic handling.

Each material handling situation requires its own pneumatics solution. Mechlight Pro is available in several pneumatics versions: equilibrated for 1 or 2 loads, or in a balanced version for balancing a range of varying loads.

Mechlight Pro is available in two versions: Standard and Automotive. Mechlight Pro in standard version is the natural solution for material handling and general lifting in the traditional industry. For more demanding environments where reliability and performance beyond the normal required, such as in assembly processes in the automotive industry, we offer a variant Automotive equipped with added safety features.

Typical applications for Mechlight Pro is for example handling of components in the manufacturing industry, light vehicle parts assembly work or picking from conveyors and roller conveyors.

Technical Specification
Max capacity (40)1 50 kg
Lifting speed 0-40 m/min
Rotation 0-360 °
Max dead weight² <23/27 kg
Medium air, non-lubricated
Working pressure 4,5-6 bar
Air consumption 9,8 ln/mSL
Working temperature 5-40 °C
Noise level < 70 dB (A)

¹ Pneumatic version “Balanced”
² Standard / Automotive version

The easy-to-use balanced manipulator

Mechspace Pro is a pneumatic moment absorbing manipulator that is extremely easy to manoeuver and gives ergonomic freedom of movement within a large working area.

Mechspace Pro is the natural choice where the working reach is of high importance, as for example when the operator is working under a protruding roof, inside a vehicle or in a working area with restricted accessibility.

The moment absorbing features gives important advantages for complex material handling operations, and for gripping and rotation of eccentric loads.

Mechspace Pro is available in two models for loads up to 70 kg or 150 kg: a hanging version and a pillar-mounted version. Version 70P can also be equipped with a mobile footplate for easy repositioning by forklift truck. The lifter can be delivered balanced for varying loads or with a balance function for two or more permanent loads. The working stroke is 900 mm (70 kg) / 1250 mm (150 kg).

Technical  Specification
70/70P 150/150P
Max load 70 kg * 150 kg *
Max moment 500 Nm 1500 Nm
Stroke (SL) 900 mm 1250 mm
Noise level
Max tare weight(70/150) 100 kg 200 kg
Max tare weight(70P/150P) 195 kg 330 kg
Rotation 0-330° (inner)
0-330° (front)
0-310° (inner)
0-330° (front)
Media Air, non-lubricated, filtered Air, non-lubricated, filtered
Air consumption 8 l/stroke** 16 l/stroke**
Working pressure 5 (4-7) bar 6 (5-7) bar
Working temperature 5-40°C 5-40°C
Colour RAL 2009 (orange), 9010 (white) *** RAL 2009 (orange), 9010 (white) ***

* Depending on working pressure
** With max load
*** Other colours on demand

A versatile moment absorbing manipulator

Pneumatic Mechlift Pro is extremely versatile and can be used for many different applications.

The lifter can be counterbalanced for handling various loads or be equipped with a balancing function for one or more loads up to 150 kg, and it can mounted with an electric or pneumatic drive unit (Powerdrive) for controlled sideway motions.

The lifter can be fitted with standard or specially constructed tooling and with accessories such as rotation units, tooling fixtures, brake units, etc. This allows Mechlift Pro to be easy adaptable for different applications and for lifting and handling within many different branches and sectors.

The lifter is constructed by telescopic operating profiles in aluminium that are anodized and thereby virtually maintenance free.

Typical application areas for the pneumatic Mechlift Pro are lifting and handling of material rolls or sheets, doors, windows, storage tanks and automotive parts.

Technical  Specification
100 500
Max capacity (kg) 100 150
Max moment (Nm) 500 1000
Lifting speed (m/min) 0-40 0-20
Dead weight (kg) 57-127 98-189
Working pressure (bar) 5,5-7 5,5-7
Air consumption per meter stroke at 6 bar (ln/mSL) 18,7 46,2
Profile MP120/80 MP160/120
Media Air, non-lubricated, filtered
Rotation 0-310°, 0-360° (option)
Working temperature 5-40°C
Noise level < 70 dB (A)

* Depending on working pressure
** With max load
*** Other colours on demand

A moment absorbing manipulator

Pneumatic Mechstick is a manipulator for handling and stacking of loads up to 50 kg and with a moment up to 400 Nm. The lifter has a stroke of up to 2 meter, and is available in also an electric version. Pneumatic Mechstick is controlled by a lift cylinder and
related controllers.

Mechstick can be installed on to a wall and thereby serve as an assembly station or a stacking station. Alternatively it can be mounted in a rail system, for example combined with a Powerdrive for controlled traversing.

Typical application areas for Mechstick is handling of doors, windows, glass panels and plates, as well as the assembly of various automotive components when a large reaching area is required, such as for hoods and sunroofs. It is also advantageously used for stacking in racks.

(The pictures shows Elektric Mechstick.)

Basic Specification

  • 20m³/hr
  • 3bar
  • 5,000cPs
  • 70°C
  • 0mm
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