If You Think It’s Expensive To Hire a Professional, Wait Until You Hire an Amateur

For years, working closely with our customers, we have acquired the necessary know how for the selection and support of wide range of products we are able to offer: from individual devices to complex systems, Such knowledge allows us to study and reach the best solution for our client and for any industry in which it operates.

ETA skilled technicians team are at your disposal for any technical requirements: documents, Installation, start-up, tests, assistance on site, pump fixing and technical maintenance training.


If you want to improve a performance of your many type of pump, lifter and manipulator. Our skillful technician has a fully experience for many type of pump, lifter and manipulator. You just inform us the detail of your equipment and trouble afterward we estimate an overhaul cost for your approval.

ETA will test to ensure that they are in perfect working order. All test results will be documented in test record. Finally, all units will be repainted. When your unit is returned or reinstalled on-site, it will be in an as-new condition, including full documentation of all work and test results.

Are you confusing to know a many kind of pumps or/and lifter (manipulators)? We offer training course for your new staffs. Offering much more than standard briefings, our training courses cover the basics of pump and many types of pumps, illustrate functional principles.

Having qualified operators is a key to system availability and service life. Well-trained staff can also be crucial for save a life cycle cost.

Machinery and equipment that isn’t properly maintained can be very dangerous. Even equipment with fail-safes can malfunction if you do not perform regular maintenance checks. To minimize the risk, have your equipment inspected on a regular basis by a professional.

ETA can provide you, whether in-house or contracted. We know how to perform a quick inspection before and after using each piece of machinery. Our service team who come in regular contact with your equipment should know what a machine looks like, how it operating properly, how it run efficiency.

Start up Assistance

To make sure that every points of an installation correctly, every condition are ready to run in?  We can give you a system check with an expertise team.


We can arrange demonstration and training sessions in your workshops of your operators by our team in order to ensure an optimal and safe use of your pumps. This will allow operators to handle the equipment with professionalism, efficiency and safety.

Technical Assistance

If you need someone to make sure about technical selection or/and operation. Just contact us; you will completely understand a technical of pump and lifter.

Warranty Support

Flexibility, our warranty can extend from 12 months into 24 months for a maximize confident and a minimize risk. You just inform us with our extra warranty.

Repair & Overhaul

To improve the condition and performance of your equipment. Our workshop is ready for serve you with skillful engineer and technician.

Service Contract

This service is offered at a fixed annual, quarterly or monthly rate including any necessary spare parts and a defined, guaranteed level of availability of your equipment.

Trial test

Shall we propose you our products test at your factory site in free of charge with an experienced engineer? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ask for more detail.
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