Smart Traffic

Over the years, the number of vehicles on the roads has increased along with the expansion of routes. And thus, there is a serious need for creating active systems to manage traffic flow and ensure roadway safety. CP PLUS brings a range of smart traffic solutions to overcome such conditions. Based on IoT and AI, our solutions ensure safe and smooth movement for transport. CP PLUS surveillance systems offer effective vehicle tracking and analysing for detailed information of incidents. Ideal for urban environments, CP PLUS smart traffic solutions help ensure safety & security of vehicles and citizens.


  • Traffic movement and congestion
  • Accidents
  • Peak-hour crowding
  • Difficulties for pedestrians
  • Parking difficulties
  • Off-peak inadequacy of transport


  • Red light violation detection
  • Speed enforcement
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Parking violation detection
  • Radar-based system
  • Traffic signal control

Basic Specification

  • n/am³/hr
  • n/abar
  • n/acPs
  • n/a°C
  • 0mm
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