CCTV for Banking (Banks, ATMs, Data Centre)

India’s banking sector is currently valued at Rs 81 trillion (US$ 1.31 trillion). And, has the potential to become the fifth largest banking industry in the world by 2020.

The face of Indian banking has changed over the years. Banks are now reaching out to the masses with technology to facilitate greater ease of communication, as transactions are carried out through the Internet and mobile devices. All this has created the need for banks to meet their customers’ requirements for security in a special way on many levels.


  • High resolution video for post analysis
  • Ensure safety of customers and employees
  • Track transactions for bank and customer satisfaction
  • Reliability of system
  • Increase business efficiency and enhance customer service
  • Incident Management
  • Instant Reporting System
  • Health monitoring at control room for system ability


  • High resolution cameras and DVR will record details of the suspicious persons
  • Low light CCTV cameras will capture images in such areas
  • The proposed system will leverage existing analog camera base
  • Introduction of network video surveillance to detect potential security threats

Redefining ATM Surveillance ATM Security Challenges

  • Free access to ATM
  • Authentication of customer claims
  • Face recognition is poor due to low quality CCTV surveillance system
  • No surveillance just outside ATM
  • Access to only authorized persons & identification of offender
  • High quality footage to help authorities identify and alert its network
  • Easy and seamless upgrade to the latest solution
  • System alerts can be set when repeat offenders try to transact

Fingerprint Access Control with EM Card

Time Management : Manage time of all employees within the bank.
Employee Tracking : Track shifts, overtime, holidays & leave of the employees
Protect Payroll Fraud: Provide accurate payment method without any fraud
Data collection : Data can be collected in a centralized location

3 MP Full HD WDR IR Vandal Dome Camera – 50Mtr.

People Counting: Count customers that enter your stores and determine optimal staffing levels for peak customer periods. Also helpful for business analysis/ strategies.
Analysis : Daily, Weekly, Monthly and yearly report can be generated of total footfall.

12 MP Ultra HD Vandal Proof IP IR Fish eye camera – 10Mtr.

Fish Eye Camera : To cover complete 360 degree view.
Dewarping Mode : The image can be split into multiple windows to get more detailed image
Heat Map: To see the gathering in different area at retails store, which helps with business analysis.
Audio Output : For announcement of business promotional offers.
Alarm I/O : To integrate different sensor like smoke, fire, glass break etc.

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera – 30Mtr.

Resolution 1080P@50fps : To Recognize face of each student, staff & visitor
Edge Recording : For the redundancy of data edge base recording for critical cameras is needed
Audio I/O : For any conversation recording and announcement
Face Detection : Face capturing for each visitor for further analysis

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera – 30Mtr.

1080P Resolution : To Recognize face of each student, staff & visitor
H.265 : For data redundancy
Face Detection : To capture face of each customer, for get intelligent playback
WDR: To capture proper face in typical light situations

64 Ch. H.265 4K Network Video Recorder

Recording/Playback : Multiple cameras can record and playback simultaneously (depends upon no. of cameras)
Live Monitoring : Multiple cameras can monitor at a time.
Alarm Logs : All analytics logs can be stored with related video

Basic Specification

  • n/am³/hr
  • n/abar
  • n/acPs
  • n/a°C
  • 0mm
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