CCTV for Campus (School & College, Child Protection System)

Primary School

High School



  • Protection of students and staff
  • Protection from unauthorized intruders
  • Monitoring of unknown vehicle entry
  • Private areas monitoring
  • Misbehaviour of staff or student
  • Safety and security while travelling in school buses
  • Protection from criminal acts, drugs etc.
  • Prevention from Bullying/Eve teasing etc


  • High resolution cameras for 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Proper identification and logs of people at entry/exit points
  • Periphery protection with intelligent analysis
  • PTZ cameras for open area and playground, as most of the bullying/Eve teasing takes place in such areas.
  • Emergency/Panic buttons at vulnerable points for immediate action
  • Restriction of entry for unauthorized people
  • Fool proof checking/frisking of weapons or non permit able gadgets

Main Entrance

2 MP Full HD WDR IP IR Bullet Camera – 50 Mtr.

  • Full HD Camera to monitor vehicle and provide license plate recognition
  • HLC : To supress vehicle headlight during the night time
  • Motorized zoom : To achieve proper FoV of the camera
  • Edge Storage : As the entry camera is critical need edge storage for redundancy

Parking Area

4K Full HD IR Bullet Camera – 50Mtr.

  • 4K resolution: To cover wide areas higher resolution is needed to get more details
  • Audio I/O : To announce any message at parking area
  • Motorized zoom : To achieve proper FoV of the camera
  • Alarm I/O : To integrate panic button for emergency

Perimeter Area

2 MP Full HD WDR IP IR Bullet Camera – 50 Mtr.

  • Analytics : Tripwire analytics can be used for immediate notification at control room
  • AMotorized zoom : To achieve proper FoV of the camera
  • Alarm Integration : Strobe light, hooter can be integrated for immediate alert
  • PTZ linkage : Fixed camera can be integrated with PTZ, so that if any unauthorized activity takes place then the PTZ can automatically focus on that area.

Surveillance Solution


2MP 30x WDR Network IR PTZ Dome Camera – 150 Mtr

  • PTZ Function : Can move camera in any direction and can zoom to get a more detailed image.
  • Auto Program : Can use preset, tour and pattern for patrolling large areas.

Reception Area

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera – 30Mtr.

  • 1080P Resolution : To recognize the face of each student, staff & visitor
  • Edge Recording : For the redundancy of data edge base recording for critical cameras is needed.
  • Audio I/O : For any conversation recording and announcement
  • Face Detection : Face capturing for each visitor for further analysis

Lobby, Library

12 MP Ultra HD Vandal Proof IP IR Fish eye camera – 10Mtr.

  • Fish Eye Camera : To cover complete 360 degree view for generic surveillance, helps to cover all dead areas with a single camera.
  • Dewarping Mode : The image can be split into multiple window to get more detailed image

Corridors/Private areas

2 MP Full HD IR Vandal Dome Camera – 30mtr.

  • Corridor Mode: this mode helps cover more area in the corridors while reducing the number of cameras needed
  • Panic Button: To address emergency situation for student & staff.
  • Audio I/O : For any conversation recording and announcement
  • Audio Analytics : Mics can be installed in private areas to capture any abnormal activity with Audio Analytics

Mobile DVR Solution for School Van

Mobile DVR Solution for School Van

  • 100% shock proof, vibration proof and tamper proof solution for moving vehicles.
  • Supports Analog HD, IP and Analog camera input to provide integrated solution with different surveillance technology
  • SDcard and HDDoption for storage
  • 3G/4G support for real-time remote viewing
  • GPS support for online tracking of vehicle in google map & recording of GPS coordinates, Also provides speed detection and time sync
  • Wi-Fi support to auto download the video recording once vehicle reaches the depot.
  • Support 8V~36V (for DVR) & 6V~36V(MNVR), hence compatible with all kind of transportation system
  • Built-in G sensor to analyse the driving quality
  • Sensor integration such as fuel sensor , door contact etc. to design perfect solution for transport.
  • Upto 4Ch additional IP camera support in Hybrid MDVR


  • Camera available with IP and Analog HD technology supported
  • Options upto 2MP HD resolution
  • Available in Dome, Vandal dome and Bullet
  • Fixed focal length with various options like 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm & 8mm to match the solution requirement to get the required FoV
  • Smart IR for better night vision
  • IP66 weather proof rating to suit different weather condition

Network Mobile Positioning System

  • Upto 2MP PTZ camera to provide more detailed image for an evidence
  • Upto 30x optical zoom to record evidence from long distance
  • WDR support to get clear image in different tough light conditions
  • Auto Tracking Support for suspicious objects
  • Upto 150mtr. long IR range

Control Room

  • Recording/Playback : Multiple cameras can record and playback simultaneously (depends upon no. of cameras)
  • Live Monitoring : Multiple cameras can be monitored at a time.
  • Alarm Logs : All analytics logs can be stored with related video

Basic Specification

  • n/am³/hr
  • n/abar
  • n/acPs
  • n/a°C
  • 0mm
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