India’s transport sector is large and diverse; it caters to the needs of 1.1 billion people. Good physical connectivity in the urban and rural areas is essential for economic growth. Since the early 1990s, India’s growing economy has witnessed a rise in demand for transport infrastructure and services. India has an extensive network of transport through ports, highway networks, railways and airports. While this drives commerce in the future, it is also important for industry to take steps to safeguard and protect transportation networks and systems.


  • Pickpockets tend to target people on public transport
  • Violation of traffic laws by drivers go unmonitored
  • Sensitive vehicles like bank cash Vans, VIP vehicles are prone to attacks
  • Cargo/shipment go unmonitored due to which the goods get damaged
  • Lack of Compatibility with variable voltages
  • Vibration and shocks in vehicle which impacts the hardware components of the device.
  • Blame Game : Bonafide Evidence
  • Vandalism of vehicles


  • HD cameras in vehicles, ships, cargos etc. to create a safer transportation environment
  • Sensor integration with MDVR to Reduce costs for vandalism and graffiti
  • Live monitoring and GPS tracking to efficiently monitor cargo and property
  • Two way talk which reduce incident response time
  • GPS to tag the video evidence with current location, quickly decide the correct incident response.
  • 3G/4G to communicate with control room in real-time for monitoring, instant report.
  • Wi-Fi to connect with emergency control room & auto download the recorded video
  • Built-in OBD Sensor check th e health status of the device to health the device status
  • EN 61373 – Shock and Vibration Compliance to protect device from vibration and shocks

  • Multi-channel live view based on 3G/4G
  • Shows the vehicle, GPS, alarm, log information clearly
  • Supports to lock alarm vehicle automatically
  • Supports PTZ control and MDVR remote configuration
  • Supports remote recording
  • Supports download playback video file
  • Vehicle management
  • Database supported and GPS route playback
  • Supports report exporting and multiple user level mgmt.
  • WEB client login supported; iOS and android mobile phone client supported


  • Camera available with IP and Analog HD technology supported
  • Options upto 2MP HD resolution
  • Available in Dome, Vandal dome and Bullet
  • Fixed focal length with various options like 2.8mm, 3.6mm, 6mm & 8mm to match the solution requirement to get the required FoV
  • Smart IR for better night vision
  • IP66 weather proof rating to suit different weather condition

Network Mobile Positioning System

  • Upto 2MP PTZ camera to provide more detailed image for an evidence
  • Upto 30x optical zoom to record evidence from long distance
  • WDR support to get clear image in different tough light conditions
  • Auto Tracking Support for suspicious objects
  • Upto 150mtr. long IR range.
  • Support 10000 devices within the single platform
  • Remote viewing, Playback, Management backup etc. can be performed remotely
  • Google map live tracking of devices
  • Geo-fencing can be done to get quick alert for any change of route
  • Alarm reporting system to get instant alert.
  • 100% shock proof, vibration proof and tamper proof solution for moving vehicles.
  • Supports Analog HD, IP and Analog camera input to provide integrated solution with different surveillance technology
  • SD card and HDD option for storage
  • 3G/4G support for real-time remote viewing
  • GPS support for online tracking of vehicle in google map & recording of GPS coordinates, Also provides speed detection and time sync
  • Wi-Fi support to auto download the video recording once vehicle reaches the depot.
  • Support 8V~36V (for DVR) & 6V~36V(MNVR), hence compatible with all kind of transportation system
  • Built-in G sensor to analyse the driving quality
  • Sensor integration such as fuel sensor , door contact etc. to design perfect solution for transport.
  • Upto 4Ch additional IP camera support in Hybrid MDVR

Basic Specification

  • n/am³/hr
  • n/abar
  • n/acPs
  • n/a°C
  • 0mm
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