Sealless mag drive chemical gear pumps, no mechanical seal
The separation of liquid chamber/ atmosphere by means of an isolation shell is the best solution to pump aggressive, explosive and toxic liquids, hydrocarbons, heat transfer liquids and liquids difficult to seal.
The hermetic sealless is the best solution for the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industry.
A wide range of pumps covers different performances. The best solution for sampling applications.
Epoxy primer and polyacrylic enamel water-based painting for the best quality resistance linked to the environmental respect.
Housing & Cover are machined from rolled bar forging that is cut turned, machined and ground into its final shape, thus ensuring maximum hardness as apposed to using cast parts.
– AISI 316L (standard)
– Cast Iron G25 (standard)
– Hastelloy® C276,
– Incoloy® 825,
– Duplex,
– Other on request.
The bearings are aided by a metal backing to increase resistance especially for corrosive environments.
A PTFE lining is coated into the ID of the bearings forming a solid lubricant film.
QUICK REPLACE KIT to guarantee an easy and fast
Rotors are achieved from rolled bar forging that is cut, turned and ground into its final shape as opposed to using cast parts, thus ensuring maximum hardness.
The material adopted in standard executions are S31803 Duplex for AISI 316L construction and 39 NiCrMo3 for cast iron construction.
Other materials on request.
The sealing system with O-Rings prevents from leaking in the
atmosphere different materials available:
– Viton® (standard)
The pump can be supply with aluminium bracket with IEC B3-B5 motor or with a robust WCB foot mounted bracket that allows IEC B5 standard motor.
The rear shell is made of one single piece, no welding, ellipsoidal profi le that has been studied to withstand higher pressures than the traditional one.
Available two versions, AISI 316 the standard construction, and Hastelloy® C276 for high pressure version – providing a safe and efficient solution – system pressure max 150bar.
Titanium Alloy is an upgrade when higher pressure ratings and increased effi ciency are required.
High power synchronous magnetic coupling designed by our Technical Office and with rare  arth magnetic elements echanically locked.
The high performance magnets can operate at liquid temperature of up to 200 °C (392 °F).
The pump can be supply with alluminium bracket with IEC B3-B5 motor or with a robust WCB foot mounted bracket that allows IEC B5 standard motor.
Connections available:
Threaded BSP(GAS) or NPT. Flanged according to ANSI 150#, 300#, DIN PN16.
Pump construction, operating limits and performances
Close-coupled drivers are conventional drivers mounted directly to pumps frame. No base, coupling or guards are required for this mounting style.
Connections: Threaded NPT and BSP
  • Max viscosity: 25000 cSt
  • Max system pressure:
    50 bar standard,
    150 bar HP Version.
    Higher pressure version available on request.
  • Flow up: to 80 mc/h
  • Head up: to 30 bar
  • Temperature range:
    from -147 °F (-100 °C)  to +392 °F (+200 °C)
  • Electric motors:
    from 0,25 up to 75 kW
  • NEMA and IEC standard available

Basic Specification

Casing Cast iron / AISI316L / Hastelloy
Rotor Cast iron / AISI316L / Duplex
Gasket Viton / EPDM / FEP

Basic Specification

  • 80m³/hr
  • 150bar
  • 25,000cPs
  • 200°C
  • 0mm
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